Tigers Eye and Turquoise pendant

Bead embroidery pendant with tigers eye cabochon and turquoise drops, gold bronze faceted glass beads and seeds.

BUTTON {S} Trio Black beaded statement ring

Black bold ring - one statement piece for many occasion: perfect when work, celebrate, or go shopping :-) This is my smallest ring: diameter of beaded cabochon "only" 2,5cm´.

SNAKE Red bead crochet rope bracelet

Bead crochet rope bracelet in transparent bold red color. Contemporary jewellery to work or for special occasion.

SNAKE Emerald&Dark Bronze beadcrochet rope contemporary necklace

Beadcrochet rope necklace in emerald green and dark bronze colours. Asimetrical design with silver beaded slide bead. Statement contemporary necklace.

BUTTON Gold - beaded bead ring

The favorite cocktail ring in classic shiny gold color. Hope You will love it :-)